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Zen: The Art of Simple Living - Shunmyo Masuno

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Find your Zen with this little book of 100 tips and activities

Zen is the perfect antidote to the stress and uncertainty of modern life . . .

In clear, practical and easy to follow lessons - one a day for 100 days - renowned Buddhist monk Shunmyo Masuno draws on centuries of wisdom to show you how to apply the essence of Zen to modern life.

You will learn how to exhale deeply to eliminate negative emotions, to arrange your house simply to clear your thinking, to line up your shoes at night to bring order to your mind, to plant a single flower and watch it grow, to worry less about what you cannot control, and so much more . . .

You will even make time to think about nothing at all.

Simplify your life with the art of Zen, and learn how to feel more relaxed, fulfilled, and with a renewed sense of peace.