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Let's Make Art

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This book offers families a cherry picked selection of Alice and Karen's tried and tested art projects with clear instructions on how to make them at home. They reveal their top tips for creating stunning art work that parents and children will want to keep and display (rather than consign to the recycling bin)! All the projects use a household item as the starting point, making the activities largely accessible. Within this framework the book is organised into sections according to the time scale of the project to help families make the most of the time they have available beginning with shorter projects.

A comprehensive but affordable kit list is part of the introduction and includes many items families will already own. Along with a basic kit list Alice and Karen spill a few in house secrets about their go-to materials for maximum impact and a professional finish. Plastic materials are kept to a minimum. Let's Make Art champion sustainable, recycled art projects with their home based starting point for projects.

This craft book for children and their families is a unique addition to the market as it elevates children's art to the status it deserves by showing children how to achieve bold work with a professional finish. The projects are cheeky, flamboyant and have their own very particular style, especially the costumes and wearable artwork. Having worked for galleries, libraries and restaurants Let's Make Art have amassed an array of art projects that avoid messy clearing up for parents and children.