Garry Fabian Miller: Adore

Garry Fabian Miller: Adore

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Adore celebrates five decades of Garry Fabian Miller’s work in the context of the artists and makers with whom he has shared a path.

Garry Fabian Miller (b.1957) is one of the most progressive figures in contemporary fine art photography. He lives with his family on Dartmoor, where his work has evolved out of the cycle of daily walks that have been at the heart of his practice since the winter of 1989.

He gained international acclaim in the 1970s for photographs of sky, land and sea, most notably for the series Sections of England: The Sea Horizon (1976–1977), which were first shown at the Arnolfini, Bristol, in 1979, and positioned his work in the context of the English Land Art movement. Since the mid-1980s he has worked without a camera to experiment with the possibilities of light as both medium and subject.

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146mm x 26mm x 170mm

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